Monster In-Laws?

1167424_10152045874829828_329014563_oWe recently moved in with Joe’s parents after having spent nine months of our newlywed life on our own. A lot of women told me that it was going to be rough. In fact, I thought this might just be my toughest trial yet. And have you ever seen that movie, Monster In-Law? Yeah… Living with the family helps Joe become an expert in the family business, so this seemed like a good reason for me to agree to move. Now that we are settled, I have actually realized how blessed we are:

  1. We have a lot more space
  2. My mother-in-law takes such good care of us – Joe is her baby!
  3. I am getting to know my in-laws on a whole new level…and they are amazing people!
  4. I am gaining insight on ways I want to raise my own family
  5. Major opportunity for growth (I’ll take it!)
  6. I can never be lonely! The biggest shock I had as a newlywed was, “Wait… I am never going to live with my family ever again!?” That thought passed within a day (thankfully), but I must admit that I do enjoy being around family again. Yes, Joe is my family, but when he was away the apartment was way too empty for my liking

The most important principle I am learning, though, is that no matter what circumstance life finds me in, it is important to let go of expectations. Letting go of expectations means seeing things as they truly are, not as you think they should be. I can never be disappointed in doing so! I would have been saved much stress if I only remembered this principle sooner.  I think Joe and I are enjoying being home too much, now!! 😉 Oh, the wonderful things you learn in this journey we call life.

❤  Aubrey

If circumstance permitted, would you move in with your in-laws? Share your thoughts!


Weekend Shenanigans

Since it was our anniversary, Joe surprised me last weekend by taking me on a recap date of some of our favorite initial dates as a couple – I would highly recommend! What we did:

♦ Bikram Yoga – My favorite exercise, especially when the hubby comes. 🙂 Joe must really love me…

♦ IHOP! – You work up a feisty appetite after yoga.

♦ State Fair – Joe did a pie eating contest and it was hilarious. He got whipped (pun intended)! At least the free pie was worth it…?



20141011_133430_^ No, Joe is not standing because he won… 😉

♦ True Food Kitchen – The best healthy, real food out there. This actually wasn’t one of our dates, but we made an exception since it was so close to the State Fair. 🙂

♦ Dollar Theater – Necessary!

♦ Dave & Buster’s – We played all of our favorite games and tried to win a unicorn pillow pet with no luck… there’s always next time!


^ We fail at taking pictures…so this is us last year!

♦ Barnes & Noble – On our very first date, we went here and spent an hour just reading children’s books & laughing away, sometimes making up our own words to go along with the pictures. Children’s books are now our go-to gift, so it’s safe to say that we’re going to have an awesome collection for our boy!


^ After much trial and error, this is the book we decided to purchase: “What Do You Do With an Idea?” by Kobi Yamada

♦ SLEEP – What you do when you’ve had wayyy too much fun for one occasion.

Joe loved the gift I made him! It was a tough…what do you give a man who has everything? He only likes things that are actually useful and necessary. Since we eat pretty healthy, I decided to put together a basket of homemade, healthy goodies for him to take to work. 🙂 They tasted amazing, if I do say so myself! Comment if you’d like a recipe!


{raw “cookie dough” bites, yogurt covered pretzels & blueberries, almond butter dip, strawberry chia seed jam, + strawberry froyo}


 What is your favorite date activity? Share!

Reminiscing: One Year

Happy anniversary to Joseph, my love! Today marks one year of marriage, which clearly deserves a moment of reflection. Although our wedding day was incredible – & the day every girl fantasizes about – the only thing that really matters now is that we did it; we are sealed for time and all eternity, and that is something I will cherish forever…quite literally. 🙂

Simple life lessons that I am continuously learning:

I guess we aren’t the same person? Prior to “sealing the deal”, my husband and I were so similar and agreed on everything!! Well, at least I thought so… 😉 There are loads of topics we disagree about, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Our strengths and weaknesses compliment each other so well that it’s no wonder we connected in the first place.

Laugh often. Okay, STORY TIME! Joe has been leaving pens in his shirt pockets ever since we got married, even when I remind him not to. Despite this, we ended up with ink-blotched whites last week – many of which were newly purchased. I could have been angry, but instead I took my own advice and laughed about it. It’s safe to say that I now check pockets, but don’t tell Joe that… 😉 Certainly, marriage is not about attempting to change your spouse… what an impossible task!? I know Joe is trying his best and I love him for it. ♥ Sometimes it just takes learning things the hard way.

Love, love, and love some more. Be in love with the life you live! This becomes possible when you acknowledge that love is really just understanding and accepting others… & yourself. Know that the world really isn’t against you because you create your environment, relationships, and circumstances – you are in charge! As James Allen so eloquently put it, “The outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to be harmoniously related to his inner state…Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are”.

All in all, it has been an incredible year full of learning and growth. I love you, Joey & am so excited to bring our darling son into the world together! 🙂

❤ Aubrey

Has your family taught you any  important life lessons? Share below!


General Conference: The Goods


General Conference is an event where the prophets and leaders of the LDS church share their counsel with members and all others willing to participate. This broadcast certainly came at the perfect time for me, as usual. Time to share my favorite quotations!:

1. “Spiritual confidence increases when your spirit, with the help of the Savior, is truly in charge of your natural man or woman”Elder Jörg Klebingat

Hands down my favorite talk! God will show us our weaknesses and has prepared a way for us to overcome them, but we must act. By taking care of our physical bodies, we allow our minds to fully become the recipients of Christ’s Spirit. I have been combating pregnancy cravings + exercising all week (haha), so I can testify to this truth! I am more apt to serve when my mind, body & spirit are properly nourished.

2. “…Choose to accept His discipline and become His disciples and do His work” President Thomas S. Monson

The only way we can obtain eternal life as Christ has is by doing as He did. This probes the question I often ask myself , “Is this what God would have me do?”.

3. “…As you dedicate time every day, personally and with your family, to the study of God’s word, peace will prevail in your life” Elder Richard G. Scott

This promise always rings true. If you don’t believe me, try it out yourself. 😉

4. “Are we prepared to leave our comfort zones to reach a better place?” Elder Carlos A. Godoy

This pretty much sums up my thoughts about Conference + my ripened desire to change for the better.

I hope you are all having a wonderful and inspiring week! ❤ Aubrey

What was your favorite talk or insight? Leave a comment below!

Loving My “Condition”


All smiles with my husband!



The belly button!! ^

Firstly, I cannot believe I have less than eight weeks until my darling baby boy arrives. WOW!

Throughout my life, I’ve heard many women say, “time flies, except when you’re pregnant”. Well, I would have to disagree…after all, there are still 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week, and 365 days in a year. My secret to a fulfilling and even enjoyable pregnancy (or life in general) is to stay productive, yet understand my physical limits. Every day I have a goal in mind: become my best self. If that means listening to my body and sleeping in a few extra hours, then so be it! I remind myself that it is okay not to accomplish everything on my task list. Life is about flexibility and releasing expectations on oneself.

The other day, my supervisor told me that she wouldn’t want me lifting heavy objects because of my “condition”, which kind of made it sound like I have a disease or something. No, no, I am creating a baby, and that is a fabulous feat! It reminds me of this insightful thought:

“It seems an insult to nature and to the Creator to imagine that pregnancy was ever intended to be a sickness.”  – Eliza Bisbee Duffey

As I keep this in mind, I am able to remember why I decided to have a child in the first place, and how blessed I am for this marvelous opportunity.  My body was made for this purpose, and woman alike can rejoice in that fact! I have learned much about myself already and am eager to learn even more in the days to come.

My latest symptoms include swelling, swelling, and more swelling – partially due to the fact that I am a receptionist. My husband is a sweetheart and rubs my feet before bedtime so I am very thankful for that. ♥ Baby has the hiccups for 15 minute intervals up to five times a day, which was pretty neat the first day but now it is a little bit uncomfortable. That’s okay though because I’m not the one squeezed inside a small uterus. 😉 I am so grateful for all of the support I have from family, friends, and my church community.

Xoxo, Aubrey