Welcome to the World, Baby L!

Baby Levi

Already smiling in his sleep 🙂

Happy Family

Well I don’t necessarily look like a supermodel, but I still felt on top of the world!!

♄ Levi Aaron Kashiwagi ♄

Born: November 29, 2014 at 5:40 AM || Weight: 8 pounds, 8 ounces of chubbiness || Length: 21 inches

I am so happy to announce the birth of my sweet baby boy & say that it was a beautiful, safe birth! Little L was amazing & I have so much gratitude towards my loving husband who was with me & encouraging me every step of the way. God blessed me with an outstanding support group, that’s for sure. Although he was technically four days “late”, Levi was actually just on time! I know that everything happens only one way according to God’s timetable, so I was never worried that Levi would be “too large to deliver” or anything like that (despite all of the horror stories I was hearing!). He was just so comfy in my womb, of course!

Stay tuned for my full birth story! I am a little too busy cuddling my little one to wrap my mind around writing a full, cohesive post at the moment. 🙂

I thank my Heavenly Father for your love & support daily. ❀

Xoxo Aubrey (the freshest mama on the block!)


The Spirit of Gratitude


Today is my estimated due date! It is amazing to think about how fast this pregnancy has gone, and that it won’t be long until I finally get to meet Baby Kashiwagi face-to-face. ♄ The journey has been incredible.

In the spirit of thanksgiving, I am eternally grateful for my family. Each member shows me love in such a unique way, and for that I am blessed. My husband is my rock – especially as we prepare for our child at this time – & I am so happy that our marriage is founded upon the teachings of Jesus Christ.

My favorite part of each day this week has been visiting my 2-year-old brother. When he hears the front door creak open, he runs to give me a huge embrace while saying “hi!” in the sweetest, most genuine tone. Children sure have a way with words. 😉 I will leave you with a thought that hits home for me:

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

❀ Aubrey

What are you grateful for?

Less Is More

I overheard a brief conversation the other day; a lady was nonchalantly talking about her granddaughter who plays the “flute, piccolo, piano, softball, volleyball, and soccer”. I didn’t even know that was possible! Let’s just hope it wasn’t all at once. 😉

As a society, it seems that much emphasis and value is placed on extracurricular activities. Sports, art, and music are all important skills, but I emphasize the following guideline: moderation in all things. This is a principle I have tried to adopt in my own life.

Thinking back to my childhood, I was always involved in some type of sport. At age 14, I began to spend a large amount of time at the dance studio and jokingly told people that it was my life (ironically, it wasn’t really a joke 🙂 ). After high school graduation, I did a little self-evaluation. Since my main goal was to become a better person, I decided that spending most of my time working on my temporal needs and neglecting my spiritual needs was not the way to accomplish this goal. Both are necessary!

It is clear that extracurricular activities teach very critical life skills such as persistence, discipline, and teamwork, but it is important to remember that learning & growth can take place in more than one environment. I am not saying that I would take any of my experiences back, nor am I saying that everyone should drop all extracurricular activities. I am simply proposing the idea of balance and equilibrium.

So what is the “solution”? Truthfully, the solution is different for everyone. Some may not see a need to change a thing while others feel that their hobbies have turned into full-time jobs, leaving little to no time for anything else. In any case, I have found that titles and trophies are worthless compared to the times I have been able to serve someone unnoticed, hear a baby laugh, or spend time with an old friend just catching up. Living a life of increased simplicity and moderation enables me to become more available when other important people or tasks need my attention. How can you live a more moderate life?

Pregnancy Update: 38.5 Weeks

  • I am sleeping through the night & then some!! I don’t really use an alarm and just wake up when I feel totally rested, which usually results in about 10 hours of sleep 😼
  • Walking is getting increasingly more painful because Baby has dropped and is putting so much pressure on my pelvis
  • I am still able to exercise – thankfully! I mostly focus on arm workouts and using the elliptical, since most other things are too painful now
  • The exercise ball is my best friend. 🙂 I bought one this week & use it as my new chair
  • Baby kicks like crazy at night! He must be doing aerobics, or something 😉
  • This whole experience is still surreal, but I am getting more & more excited with each passing day to meet Baby Kash ♄

I hope you’re all having a fantastic day! ❀ Aubrey

Home: Where My Heart Is

The 3 pregnant ladies!

My little brother couldn’t resist 😉

Along with photos of my recent baby shower & a big thanks to all who participated, I thought I would share some thoughts.There are 19 days until my expected due date (ahh!), so I thought today calls for another pregnancy post! Many people ask me why I have decided to go the “home birth route”, so here’s my story:

I wasn’t always on board

Of her six children, I was the only one my mother had naturally (in a hospital), and she sure has some horror stories to prove it. I grew up thinking that an epidural was the only way, and you had to be insane to try anything else! Last year, my friend told me that she was having a home birth and I immediately thought that she was joking. Well, she wasn’t. 😀 She advised me to watch The Business of Being Born because I was so intrigued.

You don’t have to be a hippie?

My husband and I watched  the documentary and were astonished at our blindness. I am happy to say that my previous beliefs about home birth were challenged…even shattered. I learned that it really isn’t an uncommon procedure (outside of the Unites States, at least) and many benefits were apparent to me:

  • I get to stay in the comfort of my own home, walk around, & eat whatever I want!
  • I rarely use medication, anyways
  • Husband gets to help out with the birth – he was supportive from the get-go 🙂
  • My midwife is experienced, having had children of her own
  • My body was created to do this!


I am not here to convince everyone that home birth is the only way, by all means. In fact, home birth is NOT for everyone, but that’s the neat thing! There are many methods of giving birth, and each are unique & special. Bringing a baby into the world is no small feat, & should be celebrated no matter how it happens! Yes, I still get nervous at times, but then I recite my favorite scripture:

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” – Philippians 4:13

And there you have it, folks! I hope you’re all having a fantastic week! ❀ Aubrey

Have you ever considered a home birth? Why or why not?